Budget Priorities for Fiscal Year 2019

In preparation for budget season, Councilmember Silverman sent a letter to Mayor Bowser outlining her budget priorities for Fiscal Year 2019. It includes requests for funding to:

  • Increase Department of Parks and Recreation summer camp slots and extend pool hours
  • Implement our newly-passed public financing program for elections
  • Curb the negative impacts of policies from the Trump administration and Congress
  • Ensure District families have a paid family leave program in 2020
  • Expand workforce opportunities for District residents, especially youth
  • Preserve and increase the city’s affordable housing stock
  • Increase affordable childcare options and out-of-school time programs
  • Build the Union Market metro tunnel
  • Incentivize District businesses to pay a living wage and recognize industry leaders

Read Councilmember Silverman's full letter of FY19 budget priorities here.