Committee - Government Efficiency and Responsibility

B23-0722 - Department of Human Services Personnel Authority Amendment Act of 2020


Date introduced: 03/17/20                              Status: Under Council Review                              

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PR23-0647 - Rulemaking for Paid Family Leave Benefits Approval Resolution of 2020


Date introduced: 01/06/20                              Status: Deemed Approved                              

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B23-0471 - Independent Compliance Office Establishment Act of 2019

As introduced Bill 23-471 establishes the Office of the Chief Compliance Officer ("Office") as an independent authority and outlines the duties of the Office and of the Chief Compliance Officer.

Date introduced: 9/17/19                              Status: Under Council Review                              

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PR23-0151 - Rulemaking for Paid Family Leave Collections Approval Resolution of 2019


Date introduced: 02/28/19                              Status: Deemed Approved                              

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B22-0552 - Office of Employee Appeals Hearing Examiner Classification Amendment Act of 2017

This legislation classifies hearing examiners within the Office of Employee Appeals as legal service employees. It also requires that hearing examiners are licensed to practice law in DC.


Date introduced: 11/01/17                              Status: Official Law                               

Vote: 13-0 in favor                            Full text:

B22-0420 - Captive Insurance Agency Amendment Act of 2017

As introduced, this bill authorizes the Captive Insurance Agency to procure certain policies of insurance, and clarifies that the bill does not limit or waive the District's sovereign immunity or common-law defenses to litigation or claims that may be covered by insurance.


Date introduced: 09/18/17                              Status: Official Law                              

Vote: 13-0 in favor                            Full text: