Government Efficiency and Responsibility

B23-0436 - First Source Community Accountability Amendment Act of 2019

As introduced Bill 23-436 requires special hiring agreements be completed prior to the beginning of a project. It must be accepted by the Department of Employment Services ("DOES") and posted on the Department's website. Reports providing information on every First Source project DOES is monitoring shall be submitted to the Council quarterly. It also requires an online list of current First Source projects.

Date introduced: 11/17/19                             Status: Under Council Review

Supporters: Nadeau, Todd, Bonds, Cheh, R. White, T. White, Mendelson, Evans, McDuffie

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B23-0041 - Taxpayer Advocate Act of 2019

As introduced it establishes the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate as an independent agency. The agency mission is to assist taxpayers in resolving complex tax problems with the District that have not been resolved through normal channels.

Date introduced: 01/08/19                             Status: Under Council Review

Supporters: Todd, R. White, Bonds, Grosso, Nadeau, Allen, Cheh, Evans

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B22-0777 - Pathways to District Government Careers Act of 2018

Law 22-211 promotes priority in applications and interviews for entry-level positions to District public and public charter high school graduates, as well as those who received a GED or High School equivalency credential from the District of Columbia. It also establishes an apprenticeship program in District government employment. The Department of Human Resources is required to develop partnerships to foster applications and hiring.

Date introduced: 04/10/18                             Status: Official Law

Vote: 13-0 in favor

Supporters: T. White, Allen, R. White, Gray, Evans, Nadeau, Todd, Grosso, Mendelson, Cheh, McDuffie

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B22-0552 - Office of Employee Appeals Hearing Examiner Classification Amendment Act of 2017

This legislation classifies hearing examiners within the Office of Employee Appeals as legal service employees. It also requires that hearing examiners are licensed to practice law in DC.

Date introduced: 11/01/17                             Status: Official Law

Vote: 13-0 in favor

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B22-0449 - Small Business Advisory Council Act of 2017

As introduced, this bill creates a Small Business Advisory Council to advise the District on small business issues within the District including identifying systemic issues facing small businesses regarding their interactions with the District government.

Date introduced: 9/19/17                             Status: Expired

Supporters: Todd, R. White, Nadeau, Allen, Cheh, Evans, T. White, Grosso

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B22-0316 - Housing Production Trust Fund Advanced Solicitations Amendment Act of 2017

As introduced, this bill authorizes the Mayor to solicit proposals and rank recipients for the expenditure of uncommitted tax revenues one fiscal year before the revenues are available, with the limitation that no contracts, obligations, or commitments may be made until the fiscal year in which the funds are available.

Date introduced: 06/06/17                             Status: Expired

Supporters: R. White, Grosso, McDuffie, Bonds, Nadeau, Allen, Gray, T. White

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B21-0655 - Wizards Practice Facility Cost Containment Act of 2016

As introduced this bill limits the District's monetary contribution to the arena project at St. Elizabeths East campus to $50,000,000.

Date introduced: 03/01/16                             Status: Expired

Supporters: Grosso, Bonds, Cheh, Nadeau, McDuffie

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PR21-0590 - Proposed Fixed Cost Contract No. DCEB-2016-C-5001 Approval Resolution of 2016

PR 21-590 extends the Council's review period for CA 21-318 to 45 days starting on Monday, February 22, 2016. The proposed contract will be deemed approved on Thursday, April 7, 2016, unless the Council adopts a disapproval or approval resolution prior to that time.

Date introduced: 03/01/16                             Status: Expired

Supporters: Grosso, Cheh, Nadeau

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