New Fiscal Year: Added Support For “Excluded Workers”

Returning citizens and others ineligible for unemployment insurance receive help


An estimated 15,000 undocumented residents, returning citizens, and workers in the informal economy who were not eligible for federal jobless benefits or stimulus checks during the pandemic will now receive relief payments of about $1,000 each later this fall.

The payments are a result of a provision added to the city budget in May by Councilmember Elissa Silverman (I-At-Large), chair of the Council’s Labor Committee. The budget amendment provided for $20 million for the payments – if the District’s Chief Financial Officer confirms on Sept. 30 that there is enough tax money available. That confirmation came Friday. The Council unanimously supported Silverman’s measure.

“The pandemic – and especially its economic impact – is not over for everyone,” Silverman said. “‘Excluded workers’ did not get the same support that so many other workers received from the federal government and some have been behind financially ever since. This small step will help make sure our recovery is equitable for everyone.”

The payments would be the second to excluded workers; the first came in 2021 and amounted to approximately $41 million, under Councilmember Silverman’s leadership on the issue.

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