Under Council Review

B23-0871 - Protecting Business and Workers from COVID-19 Temporary Amendment Act of 2020

Date introduced: 07/27/20                              Status: Under Council Review

Full text: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0871

B23-0617 - Housing Finance Agency Conflict of Interest Prevention Amendment Act of 2020

As introduced Bill 23-617 prevents conflicts of interest with members of the Board of Directors of the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency by prohibiting the use of District government funding programs while serving the Agency.

Date introduced: 01/21/20                             Status: Under Council Review

Supporters: T. White, Cheh, Grosso, Allen, Gray

Full text: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0617

B23-0570 - First Source Resident Employment Amendment Act of 2019

As introduced Bill 23-570 requires the Department of Employment Services ("DOES") to permit organizations to provide DOES with qualified candidates for inclusion in the First Source Register. The register was established to ensure that District residents are given priority for new jobs created by municipal financing and development programs. It requires DOES to proactively identify individuals who are "hard to serve" and to develop standard operating procedures for its role in First Source. Among other things, it requires that the workforce intermediary program be used exclusively for First Source projects or contracts.

Date introduced: 12/03/19                             

Supporters: R. White, Bonds, Nadeau, Gray, T. White

Full text: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0570

B23-0436 - First Source Community Accountability Amendment Act of 2019

As introduced Bill 23-436 requires special hiring agreements be completed prior to the beginning of a project. It must be accepted by the Department of Employment Services ("DOES") and posted on the Department's website. Reports providing information on every First Source project DOES is monitoring shall be submitted to the Council quarterly. It also requires an online list of current First Source projects.

Date introduced: 11/17/19                             

Supporters: Nadeau, Todd, Bonds, Cheh, R. White, T. White, Mendelson, Evans, McDuffie

Full text: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0436

B23-0494 - Ban on Non-Compete Agreements Amendment Act of 2019

As introduced Bill 23-494 bans the use of non-compete provisions in employment agreements and workplace policies. It also protects employees' right to make a complaint or file a court case and it bars employers from retaliating against employees who inquire about their rights. Among other things, it specifies statutory penalties and relief for noncompliance.

Date introduced: 10/08/19                             

Supporters:  Silverman, Evans, Allen, T. White, Cheh, Nadeau, Bonds, Mendelson, Gray

Full text: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0494

B23-0041 - Taxpayer Advocate Act of 2019

As introduced it establishes the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate as an independent agency. The agency mission is to assist taxpayers in resolving complex tax problems with the District that have not been resolved through normal channels.

Date introduced: 01/08/19                             

Supporters: Todd, R. White, Bonds, Grosso, Nadeau, Allen, Cheh, Evans

Full text: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0041

B23-0042 - Substandard Construction Relief Amendment Act of 2019

As introduced it requires Construction Code violators who damage adjoining property be ordered to repair the damage or pay restitution to the owner.

Date introduced: 01/08/19                             

Supporters:  Bonds, Evans, Cheh, T. White, Todd, Nadeau, R. White, McDuffie, Gray, Allen, Mendelson

Full text: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0042