Committee - Other Legislation

B22-0419 - Subrogation Fund Establishment Act of 2017

Law 22-122 establishes the Subrogation Fund. The fund would be administered by the Chief Risk Officer and would be used for expenses relating to the repair and replacement of damaged or destroyed District property. Revenue from appropriations and subrogation claims brought by the Office of the Attorney General will be deposited into the Fund.

Date introduced: 09/18/17                             Status: Official Law

Vote: 13-0 in favor                             Full text:

B22-0065 - First Source Taxpayer Protection Act of 2017

As introduced, this bill mandates that all subsidy contracts (contracts where the District provides a subsidy in exchange for the entity meeting affordability or hiring requirements) include provisions mandating repayment plus interest of the subsidy if affordability or hiring goals are not met.

Date introduced: 01/10/17                             Status: Expired

Full text: