Elissa's Priorities

To date, Elissa has sponsored or co-sponsored over 550 bills and resolutions. Click here to see Elissa's sponsored bills sorted by issue area and status and here for a list of all of the legislation Elissa has introduced via the DC Council's Legislative Information Management System (LIMS). 

Workforce Development and Workers' Rights

Since joining the Council, Elissa has been a fierce advocate for workers' rights and the opportunity to work. A critical function of DC government must be to enable residents to obtain good jobs in the growing economy. Elissa is a champion of making sure our workforce development and job training programs are effective, efficient, and successful.

DC's workers are too often discounted by politicians, especially workers of color and low-wage, undocumented, and other vulnerable workers. As Chair of the Council's Labor and Workforce Development Committee, Elissa hears every day from workers who make our city what it is, and she is fighting every day to make sure they are protected.

Learn more about Elissa's Labor and Workforce Development Committee here. 

Fair Housing

Housing is a fundamental human right, and yet far too many District residents are unable to access stable and affordable housing in the District. Elissa knows that if people are overpaying for housing or are consistently forced to move, it can become impossible to build a career or support a family. Elissa's record on housing policy has consistently pitted her against the District's largest developers and most well-connected lobbyists as she fights for more equitable housing policies and works to expand affordable housing in the District.

Good Government 

To work well, governments must be transparent and accountable to voters. Throughout her life, Elissa has focused her career on making the District and its government accountable, responsive, and accessible to residents. She has done this through her work as a budget analyst, reporter, and progressive reformer, and now in her role as a member of the DC City Council. Elissa has consistently fought for transparency in governance and serves as a voice for underrepresented residents, in particular in her role as chair of the Committee and Labor and Workforce Development, which provides oversight of the Department of Employment Services, Department of Human Resources, and other agencies.